Do NOT replace someone else's time slot. Please make sure you are on time to your field appointment.


- Max 3 teams can be at the field at one time (excluding code orange)

- Max number of non-code orange visitors is 18. (if 3 teams are there then each team gets 6 people, 2 teams = 9people/team etc)

- All people at the field must fill out both waivers located on the practice field sign up page

- No eating or drinking while in-doors

- A properly fitting N95, KN95 or greater mask must be worn while indoors

- All people at the field must temp check and sign in before entering the field

- Visiting teams will be warned once and will be asked to leave if rules are repeatable broken

Field Sign Ups:
To use the field, every team member participating in the use of Applied Medical's facility must sign this form in recognition that Applied Medical is not responible, and this form for any losses or damage and in agreenment to act with proper behaivior.

Teams are welcome to bring their own food but please take your trash out when leaving the field

Please scan this document and send to